Silk Collection

The silky appearance is quite an important criterion when it comes to choosing a type of hair extensions. This is the reason why we decided to give the name SILK to this collection.

It is made from 100% natural hair of Malaysian origin. Indeed, Malaysian hair is particularly silky, its shine and lustrous appearance contributes to giving it an elegance that you will only find in this collection.

This hair holds curls extremely well without the use of products. It is generally very dark brown, close to black with some bundles that may have lighter ends.

This hair blends very well with most hair types including African American hair types. They do not swell and do little frizz in humid conditions.

If you want volume and thickness without that heavy feeling, the SILK collection is your best option.

Cashmere Collection

Indian hair is some of the most obedient hair you can afford.

Curling, straight or curly, It will always go where you want it! The high availability and its exceptional quality make it one of the most economical options.

It is available in natural color ranging from black to chestnut. However, due to the raw nature of this type of hair, coloring cannot be guaranteed from order to order as it depends on the hair collection process. Color may vary from donor to donor.

Raw hair of Indian origin has long made inroads into the natural hair market, highly prized for the soft and warm character of the fibers that make it up. Hence the name CASHMERE that this collection bears, this term highlights the luxurious and authentic aspects that cover you when you wear these extensions.

Thick, shiny and incredibly versatile, the hair that is hidden in the CASHMERE collection will bring you this freshness to your looks.

Cashmere Delux Collection

Cambodian hair is flowing, slightly fuller and lustrous in texture, which is why this is our favorite hair type.

They come closest to the texture of African American hair, Its light texture makes it easy to wear and maintain, and the unique nature of its fibers allows each strand to easily retain warmth, permanent color and achieve a high level of discoloration. Be assured as to the hold of your looks.

The Cambodian hair named CASHMERE DELUX is sumptuous, naturally shiny. Its rarity on the market gives it that special touch. Let yourself be tempted by this collection designed for anyone looking for originality.



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