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  • Origin: Malaysian
  • 100% raw hair
  • Comes from 2-3 donors, cuticles intact and aligned
  • Only steam treated to create different textures
  • No chemical treatment
  • Style and natural shine
  • Minimal hair loss when properly maintained
  • Minimum care required
  • Hair can be bleached and colored
  • Available in natural color
  • Weight per bundle: 90-100gr
  • Longevity: 2-3 years with proper care

Length Chart

  • 10’’-14’’: 2 – 3 bundles
  • 16’’-18’’: 3 bundles
  • 20’’- 24’’: 4 bundles
  • 24’’-30’’: 4 – 6 bundles

Useful Notes

It is strongly recommended that you dry in natural air after washing the extensions. This prevents damage to the hair from the prolonged heat of the dryer. For more tips and recommendations on this product click here here.

When the coloring is not done properly, it could seriously damage the hair. It is important to do this by a professional to maintain the integrity of your extensions after bleaching and/or coloring.


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